Week 4: Honouring Difference

The session began with the facilitation of group 3, whose topic was “Honouring Difference”.  The group focused on the variety of cultures that we enjoy in South Africa.   Each member of the group dressed in a specific cultural attire, which was not their own culture.  This for me was just a beautiful sight, especially after the story we read the previous week “The Africa Dress”, which also spoke about how Mrs. Zanele Mbeki embraced the Afrikaner culture and proudly (and more so bravely) wore it for the world to see.

We had done some homework on Personal Impact and Learning Agility.  The exercise showed us that we are different in the way we think about things, the way we talk and how we talk about things, the way we sort information in our brains works differently for different people.  Most importantly, I learnt that it is possible for someone to teach differently to how I learn because we are not ‘wired’ the same.  What grabs my attention, may not be what grabs my neighbor’s attention because I am a visual being, whereas they may be Kinaesthetic.  I now understand why certain things bore me sooner than others.

This session assisted me in realizing that I have to be more aware of how I speak to people, especially at work, when I’m trying to make them ‘see’ my point.  I have to consider that they may not be visual like I am, and therefore I may need to adopt a different strategy in order to make them understand what I’m saying to them.

I learnt that there’s a difference between introvert and a person wo is shy, and an extrovert and a vocal person.  I am more of an introvert, but I don’t necessarily struggle to express myself.  I tend to think before I speak, which may be mistaken as being ‘slow’.  It is no use talking without thinking because then there’s usually no substance to what is being said (Substance & Form).

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