Week 4

Well done to this weeks facilitation group, titled ‘Honouring Differnces’, they expanded on the many cultural differences in our beautiful African country.
A BIG thank you to all for teaching me new things about the different cultures. I am always quite embarrassed to realise that I have lived in Africa my entire life (excluding the 6 months abroad), and yet know very little about the different cultures which surround me on a daily basis. So thank you to you all for putting on such a great performance and the lessons well communicated.

This weeks take-away was learning about the different brain dominance patterns. Although I have been taught on this before, it was a great reminder and I think a lot more beneficial to me now.
We often do not consider or think of the different ways people tick (for lack of a better expression), and many times do not understand or judge others too harshly in their differences because they do not operate or do things the way we do.
Understanding the brain dominance patterns, definately gives me a different outlook and will assist in me being more patient when working with people of different brain dominance’s.

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