Week 3_Story telling

Wow, what an experience this was today!

The vivid poem of Invictus, Willian Ernest Henly, you’re the MAN!

I went home and did some further research on the history of this poem. Victorius indeed! Isn’t it to have ones own future cradled in the palm of one’s own hands.

So it turns out that Mr W H Henley wrote this poem upon becoming infected with TB and needing his foot amputated, I can only imagine the distraught, the dismay, the despair and dire desperation this

Henley’s poem however, a great example of allowing ones’ famine to become one’s favour, turning the bad into good or the negative into positive. He gained much greatness for writing this poem, for penning his anguish at a discomforting incident to paper. This, I found very encouraging, interesting and heartfelt.

Not only is this an awesome story but also a great facilitation on how one can turn the negativity that one faces in life into positive, thought provoking and encouraging stories perhaps.

My balcony moment, was reminiscing on hardships that we as humans are faced with and the importance of needing to grow from these, we cannot stagnate and bury ourselves in one particular negative situation. It is important for us as a human race to evolve, develop and forge forward in spite of where we find ourselves.


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