Week 3 – Story Telling

The day had finally come. It was our turn to present or rather facilitate our topic, which was Story telling. We met 3 times during this week, last night we met to put the finishing touches on each of our parts in the facilitation and also to arrange seating for our audience tomorrow. We also arrived at 7:30 today just for final rehearsals.

At 8:00 am people came in and we were ready to start. In the beginning we had a few disruptions as people who were late were coming in, so we decided to lock the door, so that people don’t disrupt. The facilitation went on and it was absolutely brilliant!

Nervous as we all were (besides Tshika, he is kind of like our anchor) we all pulled through beautifully. I am so proud of each and every one of us, we did well. What was supposed to happen was exactly what happened, the audience was engaging and threw challenging questions at us and we did our best to answer them. We also all had the opportunity to talk.

What we took away from this experience is that when facilitating you don’t have to know everything, that a facilitator is not an expect and that it is okay to throw questions asked by the audience back to the audience to discuss, that way everyone is engaged. We also had to make ensure that people at lease took away something from this facilitation, but this was a lesson learned.

The highlight of this day was when Roslyn said that people are more likely to remember a story more than they would data or information, I found this to be so true and yet I had never realized it over the years. Story telling plays a huge role in how we learn.

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