Week 2: Communicating via Social Media

The first group to facilitate presented on communicating via social media, they selected Pintrest. I thought they shared a lot of information because I too believe not a lot of people use this particular social media. To be presenting first I thought they set the bar really high and the groups to follow had to also work hard. Group 3 was next, I remember feeling the pressure. there was no time to be mediocre.  During week 2, it all changed for me. I realized Facilitation Skills was not  just about points for me. Roslyn asked us to write down what we are hoping to walk away with. This made it real for me, it changed my perspective and I was ready to put it the work to actually realize my desired outcomes. During this facilitation session we also touched on Personal Mastery. What I loved most about this session, which is something we have done continuously throughout my working career is “check in”. I didn’t realize this was purposefully done and there was a point to it. I know that I enjoyed how my colleagues were doing and sometime you would realize that we are going through the same feelings without knowing it. I have also learnt the importance of setting expectations. I am expected to facilitate a lot of meetings in my career and I believe I will be able to heighten my counterparts attention, they will know what to expect and focus on what I am sharing. My AHA moment for this day was learning about “the stretch zone”. I have previously referred to the comfort zone. Understanding the process was very interesting. I prefer being in the stretch zone rather than doing what I know on a daily. In this way I know my brain is learning and I discover new ways of doing things.

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