The Dance

This was a favourite hobby of mine, engaging in the dance. Frustrating myself and others and not seeing any other way for a full seven years. I was scared of failure and not confirming to social norms, so I engaged in the dance telling myself that I was working on it and going to resolve all the issues by constant engagement.

Seven years later when God’s grace put me on the balcony I realized that it was not up to me. I had to accept that it was over and no amount of dancing would remedy the relationship. It was an out of body experience that made me realize that the dance was changing me to the core and not for the better. I had to let go of the relationship I had valuable, and start a new one with myself….finding myself again….and again.

This class is now helping me to re-enter the dance over and over again with new positive thinking and understanding that my way is not always right, and accepting others perspectives. From time to time I stand on the balcony and then re-enter the dance with new insights.

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