Self-reflection – Week 2

Kudos to the first group.

They did the best they could considering the little time they had to prepare for their facilitation, they didn’t have enough time to prepare.

Even though their topic was fairly easy because it was about Social Media and majority of the us was familiar with the topic however some of the audience were not familiar with other social networks like Pinterest, WeChat amongst others – It was an eye opener for me because I took it for granted that everybody is familiar with all social platforms available that took over our lives. The only thing that was missing for me were the disadvantages of social media, less was mentioned.

What stood out for me it’s when we did an exercise about the Check-In.

As a person who leads a team, often times I am required to do self-reflection, check-in on myself to see if I am meeting the needs of my team members and if I’m holding the end of the bargain. I must say that it is not an easy exercise to follow through given of the number of people within the team.

The purpose of check-ins is to bring concerns and issues into the open during huddles and/or formal meetings and be in a position to say what’s on your mind without having any reservations. It is about having open discussions in a group and taking into consideration that we all have different views.

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