Introduction to Facilitation Skills

Day one of the facilitation skills was one interesting day, having walked in a class with no idea what to expect or rather presumed that facilitation class was going to be like a traditional formal lecture class but to my surprise I found the complete opposite. We had to know each other by introduction with a person or group next to you. The next thing as I was expecting a lecture, we were asked to move tables around to open the floor. On the other hand, the facilitator is writing the program for the term on the board which I really didn’t understand why the facilitator don’t just send the program via email or post it on Sakai to safe time but later understood that the facilitator prefers not to utilize technology as part of the program. Given the size of the class, the facilitator had to divide the class into two groups for morning and afternoon. Later created syndicate groups which will be maintained for the rest of the course and assigned facilitation topic which each group will have to facilitate. I was so overwhelmed to know that my syndicate group will be doing facilitation the next week on the interesting topic with the tittle named communication via social media.

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