Honouring Differences: Week 4

I unfortunately missed out on what was said to be a brilliant facilitation piece, What a shame 🙁

This week we got to see not only differences in everyone but also our similarities. Getting put into groups with our matching scores and communicating with each group on how they see each other. This was very eye opening. This helped in my everyday life as it helps to show why different people act/react the way that they do.

The quiz that we did was my aha moment because it actually gave me a great insight on who I am which really help in a test that I wrote after the fact, I took the information and used a more visual means of studying and I got a distinction in that test. I will definitely be using that in the future.

My aha moment came when we were put in groups and I saw that most of my team mates were in the Visual sensory preference group and only one was in Kinaesthetic group, this opened my mind as I remembered him constantly asking us to run through the facilitation piece for him to see. Makes sense looking back why he needed that.

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