Honouring Difference

It was our turn to present. The pressure was on.  The endless preparing altering, decisions, arguing and compromises had to be made.

This taught me how to not only work in  a group, but to also take in to effect other group members input.  This was truly a lesson in honouring our differences as a team. Knowing that we are working as a collective, with different thoughts, ideas but all for the major 1 goal, preparing for our turn to facilitate.

This makes you start to appreciate the groups that have already presented and respect them more. This is no easy task, defiantly not a walk in the park, to put it mildly. Lots of work goes into preparing the end results, and mistakes for the perfectionist like me will and did happen, but you learn and move on. I started to see and admire my group members more.  This created a safe space within the group, which I took for granted.

After the presentation, I certainly never thought that our chosen topic would create such a stir among the class, boy was I wrong. Sometimes you touch on a topic without having to create a safe environment and cater for trigger areas that might be triggered, and how to unpack it all.

Words being used, are interrupted in so many ways, by so many people. I guess one should really know they audience well, or do in-depth research.

Standing on the balcony, I can see perhaps the topic we have chosen could have been presented differently and as a group we could have taken perhaps a lighter route. But, without having had taken this route, how else would one have learned.

Ntombi Dhlamini 

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