Honouring Difference

The dictionary describes the word difference as “a point or way in which people or things are dissimilar”.¬†This word so often carries a negative connotation because in so many ways we have conditioned ourselves to believing that “difference” in the context of being human, is wrong or bad and ought to be excluded or isolated. There can often be a level inferiority / superiority complex when recognizing “difference”,¬† be it conscious or unconscious. This could range from difference in opinions, culture, socio-economic backgrounds, religion, beliefs, values etc.

So often we lose sight of the very fact that it is these differences that make us unique and give us our distinction. Therefore we should aim to respect and honour each others differences as we can truly learn and even better ourselves through this process. The group facilitation today on did an excellent job in relaying the importance of accepting and respecting that we are all different cultural backgrounds.

This week we also spent some time learning about thinking style preferences and brain dominance patterns. The exercise we did was quite interesting because it reinforced what I knew about myself but more importantly it helped me realize how I could adapt in certain settings when dealing with people who fall within the auditory and kinaesthetic preferences. We learnt an interesting technique of identifying peoples thinking style preference by asking them a question and noting their reactions when going to their “mental storehouse”, kinaesthetic people will look down, auditory people will look left to right and visual people will look up. I have since been having quite the time testing this theory on random people and its been quite the eye-opener. I suspect my son to be of the kinaesthetic preference while my daughter on the other hand has again proven to be an absolute mum’s girl and is totally a visual like myself. The jury is still out on my husband.

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