Honouring Difference

Attending week by week the topics are making sense more and more it’s all coming together in it’s own way. It starting to come together, I am starting to identify my strong and weak points, my capabilities not that I don’t know them but attending every week I discover something different about myself. I enjoyed the group presentation in the beginning its about speculation you wonder what it will be about when you see the different props ect. Once the introduction is done and they engage with the rest of the class you get to understand the massage they bringing across, and i must say I got the massage loud and clear no matter where you come from, your race,gender, age, skin colour we are all different and we should embrace who we are and not live by what society expects from us. Most importantly we as people we should respect that we different and that we can’t be the same or can’t be what you expect me to be.

Lesson learned we live in a diverse country and we all diverse , we should acknowledge our differences and respect other peoples views and opinions and that we learn from each other each and everyday. As a facilitator you should know your audience , engage with them in such a way that you accommodate the differences in them and that know feels left out.

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