Free your mind and see with new eyes!

On this day one group presented about setting our minds free.  We learnt methods on how to deal with stress which I found very exciting and helpful. What stood out for me was the EFT method of dealing with stress. EFT was described as an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is something that can be learnt quickly (in a matter of minutes) and can help you to feel better immediately. EFT is often also called “tapping”. EFT involves verbalising the problem or issue in hand whilst using an affirmation phrase and tapping energy points on the body.

Seeing with new eyes

As human beings, we see the world through lessons and the environment dictates that.  Perceptions are gathered by many things. There are much truth and one need to double click words before reaching conclusions.  I was fascinated by the fact that when we were asked on how we perceive being Rich and one guy in class responded that Rich to him is family when the rest of the class thought being rich was about money.  This puts an emphasis on the fact that words carry meanings we are attached to. Do I really double click on word before I reach a conclusion that everyone understands what I am saying?

The way we perceive things is different. What makes us happy does not make the next person happy.  Perception is what we see and our motives are determined by our needs and wants. Human being cannot make assumption but are wired to make assumptions to make meaning of the world. Learning about biasness made me realise that as human beings we tend to make unconscious biasness meaning, we make judgement at a speed of a light without even realizing it.

I have learnt to understand the different types of biasness:

  • Conformity bias – swayed by majority e.g black women and hair. Wearing weaves to sell products. This conforms to the general view.
  • Similarity bias – Gravitational to people who are similar to us.
  • Gender Bias – All CEOs being tall men.
  • Ethnicity – racial bias



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