Story telling

Today was our turn to facilitate as group 3. I was feeling nervous but I managed to control my nerves and anxiety. I think our delivery on story telling went well because we worked as a team and we followed our demonstration plan; but most importantly, it was because we had the most welcoming and interactive audience. Thank you guys. The feedback was critical and honest, which is something we can all take and learn from going forward.

The lesson for the day was on story telling and the characteristics of a facilitator in a story. When we started to discuss the stories in my group, I found out that each of us had their own understanding of who the facilitator was in the stories. It took us a while to discover that the facilitator was the person who brought change in the stories. In essence a good facilitator should strive to brings knowledge and change to his/her audience’s lives.

I have realized that we all have stories to tell. The fact that one’s fingerprints are unique and can’t be matched with someone else’s print; tells me that we might look the same but individually we are unique and carry unique stories.

Tell your story to the world!!!!!



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