Honouring differences

The group did well in their facilitation. I believe the core of their message was only highlighted at the end of the presentation instead of the beginning, which could have directed the discussions in the groups and created a more positive response. I think it is important as a facilitator to plan and give enough information up front in order to direct the discussion you want to have with your audience. At the end to the day, we are all in a learning phase, and the best lessons are learnt from our own mistakes .

It was fascinating to discover my thinking patterns and brain dominanceĀ  from the electronic assessment. The charts indicated that I was right brained, with big picture sorting style. This helped to affirm some truth I knew about myself but could not understand why I always felt that way. One of them is the fact that IĀ  have the fear to delegate task to other people because I feel they will not execute it in a manner that will satisfy me or to their best ability. This assessment was really enlightening.

The different brain power exercises were interesting and proved that I can achieve so much more, provided I affirm my goals in my head and believe that I am capable of reaching them.



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