Week 4: Honouring Differences

I ripped my jeans rushing for class. Great start to the day. Turning back to change would have made me late for the facilitation piece and I can’t afford that.

I arrived to find people standing in the corridor. We couldn’t possibly all be late and locked out so I asked a classmate and it turns out the group was still preparing because the class was only unlocked 10 minutes before 8am. Need to remember that when it’s our group’s turn.

Anyways, Group 3 presented and their topic was honouring differences. They wore traditional outfits and their facilitation piece focused on different cultures in South Africa and how we should respect and honour each culture. They debunked some myths about certain cultures, including the reason why Tsonga and Shangaan are not exactly the same people. They also shared the fact that Heritage Day used to be a Zulu holiday called Shaka’s day. Their presentation went well, in my view, and they engaged the audience very well using the handing out of numbers randomly and posing questions to the group.

My take-away from this class was that we all have different cultures, opinions, personalities, learning styles and realities and we should all respect and honour people’s differences. When facilitating, it’s important to keep this in mind and aim to cater for the learning methods of the group e.g. Using more images for the visual people, stories or music for the auditory people and moving activities for the kinesthetic people.

We then did some exercises that showed us how believing in ourselves and showing up with confidence helps us to achieve our goals better. The power of believing in yourself goes a long way.

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