Week 3 – Mandela Schmandela

Walking into my second instalment of the Facilitation Skills class I was greeted by the sound of a beating drum. I thought to myself, “well, this is a tad dramatic” until I got reason behind why this was so. The group doing their Facilitation was creating an ambiance for their topic – Storytelling. This was the first group facilitation I experienced.

They started off well, then lost me at Mandela. “Not another Mandela anecdote”, I thought.¬† The world at large is being force-fed Mandela’s legacy and I for one, am quite over it. My mind drifted, my WhatsApp got my attention, that was it, I was gone. The group did not make it hard for me to not focus as the beginning of their facilitation, a discussion amongst themselves, left me even more lost. I later caught on at the point where we split into smaller groups to engage on the topic. I then saw the purpose of the facilitation and realized it was not necessarily about Mandela.

I enjoyed the feedback session. It was interesting to hear the various thoughts and opinions that came from the class. And also with seeing how the group of facilitators handled themselves and controlled the facilitation.

 Overall, a great learning experience. I am starting to see direction in the chaos of this class.

-Wandile Mashiloane



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