Story Telling – Week 3

Story telling reminded me of the time when I was growing up in KZN, and my grandmother  used to tell me bedtime stories about bears  . Although this one was about a chicken.  My main interest in the story was  to see how much airtime will each get between the chicken and story telling.  And lastly who owned the space.



 What I learnt  is that when you tell a story telling as a facilitator  you  need  to write down key words of your story so that you don’t have to read up everything on the piece of paper. Be flexible with your and it’s  okay  to leave people wondering. What I realised  is  that distractions are a big problem. Because when a facilitator is telling a story and there are walk ins, people tend to lose focus  and start looking at whoever is walking in class.



We also had a couple of stories to read so that we can understand the different types of facilitators.  The difference   between  an instructor and a facilitator and their attributes. How a facilitator shows you how it’s done as opposed to telling you what to do. I got to understand that their main aim is to educate and teach different techniques. My favourite story out of them all was the rafting story between Buzz and Kiwi . I mean they both had different styles of teaching but  Buzz was instructing the team on what to do, while Kiwi was showing them which means he was facilitating. What I took from the rafting story is that  some of the skills for a good facilitator are listening, communicating, motivating, being a team play etc.


A great lesson  that I learnt on week 3, was that as a facilitator you’re not an expert on topics and you musn’t   try to make yourself one.  Another exercise we did was 4 commonalities in culture , meaning the rituals that are common  in every culture irrespective of who you are or which race you represent. It was actually amazing to see how different we are yet  our beliefs  are similar. Those commonality are as follows :

  • Birth Rituals
  • Marriage Rituals
  • Initiation Rituals
  • Death Rituals













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