Story Telling

Story Telling, what a great way to convey a message; the audience to be immersed in the story physically; emotionally and to anticipate the outcome of it. The facilitation group encouraging us to be cautious of what we consume *Joe, the chicken*.

The interesting topic of the common four rituals within every culture. This leaves me with a great personal revelation about how little I know of my culture, because my parents decided way before I was born that they are not going to live according to their tradition and chose to live by the principles of Christianity. Not that I blame them or what, I am grateful for the role the religion has played in my life, but I wish they could have rather stick to practising the one that does not interfere with their religion.

The stories that we were tasked to read about, the importance of learning through experience. Learning of the values of the facilitator; being innovative; not following common trends. Facilitator as a person who brings change to people and drives them towards their success.

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