Honouring Difference

This week’s syndicate group topic was honouring difference which they narrowed it down to honouring culture. I loved the fact that they had their traditional attire on and each and every person was wearing a different attire from that of his/her culture, this to me represented unity.

We then discussed the four fold way major principles that integrate ancient cultural wisdoms into contemporary life( the warrior, visionary, healer, teacher). While discussing these, I’ve learnt that it’s very imperative to be conscious of how you show up as an individual.

I substantially enjoyed the excerise about thinking preferences and learning styles. I discovered that I’m completely a left brainer like 💯 % whatsoever. This exercise was fun  because we got to distribute ourselves in groups according to our learning styles and got to share what we think about the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic people.

What an awesome experience,I had a lot to take in from this class.

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