Week 4: Armour on or Armour off… The Authentic Experience…

Today was really cool, I had loads of fun and learnt alot about presence, about “showing up” and not just arriving… which is an important lesson for a shy introvert like myself.

Presence is everything, it determines how people will perceive you and how they will respond to and interact with you.  Showing up is about being present, being aware.  The four-fold way of thinking, written by anthropologist and teacher Angeles Arrien, had stimulated my interest on how I viewed myself, in my personal, professional and social lives. Her philosophy is based on ancient anthropology, psychology, religion and ancient cultural wisdom (I love ancient stuff 🙂 ).

Showing up was just one part of her writings, being open to outcomes was the other (not being attached to one way, telling the truth was the other (not attaching blame of judgement) and paying attention closes the loop (listening to heart and meaning). A warrior should be able to take off the Armour when necessary, sometimes we need to play ourselves down, sometimes play ourselves up, all in all it is about creating an authentic experience (I really like this phrase), and this in my mind leads to credibility of character, it enhances a facilitator’s presence and authenticity.

Once again, it was an introspective session, once again I found myself reflecting within, wondering how I could be a better facilitator, but more importantly, how I could be a better person.  My learnings today reached further than my professional life, it got me looking at how I could be a better person to my family and friends, and not just my professional associations. Thanks Ros!

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