11 August 2018 Team 3 Honouring different diversity

Upon the forth week of class I received an email mail from Roslyn to prepare us for the next class. I had to fill in an electronic assessment and had to print it out for class.



The fourth week was quite interesting. Firstly we started off with the group facilitation which covered honouring different diversity. The group came in dressed in different cultural attires and the setting was similar to a classroom setting. They facilitated on the different cultures South Africa has. The facilitation for me was well done, though at first it felt like a presentation and they didn’t cover the Afrikaans culture at all. But overall for me they did a job well doned. Their presentation was memerable because of the attires and materials used.  a learnt that we haveh different perspectives when we see situations when we give feefback and some feedback I was aware of until it was mention, that made me realize to look more to what I see but to pay more greater attention and understand.  What I also learnt was the 24th of September and how it came about and why, which was quite inrinterest for me about the holiday and how it links with Shaka Zulu. I also learnt about Umamulo with the Zulu culture which for me o didn’t know until today. Roslyn and the rest of the class gave feedback but this time it was different because we had to discuss bit amoungst ourselves. There after Roslyn did story telling of a author named Nick Averill who write about Shaka Zulu in regards to learning districting innovative, which entails about the long and short spear that Shaka changed. The two fascinating attributes about Shaka valees which were strong and had binding respect and he would conquer village and make men generals.


In closing we discussed the electronic assessment in which I learnt that in learning style I am a theorist. motivational preference is internal. Brain dominance pattern is the left brain. Sensory preference is auditoy and information sorting styles is the big picture. The high looking at my character this is all true and I never knew all of this. So I gain alot of knowledge this week four class.



Thank you❤️

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