Shifting into gear Communicating via Social Media ….Week 2

I have had one week to reflect on this course and remind myself of my objectives and also do introspection. What will it take for me to get the most value out of my Saturdays? I had to get my mindset right ……. then suddenly it dawned on me… I need to develop an appreciation to seize the opportunity and realise the value that participating openly offers. I understood that gaining the full value of this course will require me letting go of my EGO. I have over many years learnt that when EGO dominates nobody learns. I need to keep an open mind to learning something new, something meaningful. Today was that day and I was ready for it…… today I will learn about ” communication via social media”……or so I thought…..

Today I have learnt a much more valuable lesson ….today I have learnt to appreciate the effort that people put into it is that they do. That people learn differently and that to learn something new takes time and effort. today I have learnt that by learning a new skill or approach you add another dimension to who you are and as a result everybody benefits. Today I have learnt that in order to learn I will need to be present, I will need to reflect and do introspection because where I am going will require a long-term commitment. Today I have been reminded that what I have learnt I can’t unlearn…I may choose not to apply it but it is never lost.

Today as I reflect on the day I remind myself that some are inspired to change immediately; others change later when they have had time to reflect and internalise what they have learnt…… a few though never make the change..


Today was about “communicating via social media”…… alas it has been so much more.

I love the Power of a check in…….


Aluta continua! Being present is a real thing ….. Reminder to self ….”Don’t lose time in Ego








Week one

Initially I had my perceptions on a Saturday class that starts at 08:30 in the morning, I thought this was not going to work for me, moreover when I got there we were so many in that class and there was a gift bag with something inside that everyone walking in had to take only to find out it was numbers. The lecture had to come up with a way of dividing the group into 2 classes morning and afternoon classes which again I didn’t think it would be favourable for me. O my God I was so exhausted when we had our tea break in my mind I wanted to leave so bad but again I told myself that I will do this face my fears of being in a public set up not on my comfort zone a peaceful space one has to adapt so I can grow to my full potential I really had to convince myself no one else could do this for me but myself. After break we had to decide on how to separate the two groups others choose to attend a morning class from 08:00 to 12:30 or afternoon class from 13:00 to 16:30 again I was faced with another dilemma if I choose the morning class once I’m late I’m locked out till after 1st facilitation.