Stop & Reflect

Time is a rare commodity and it really does fly by.
While I was writing my reflective essay, I was taken aback by the fact that we’re just about half way through this course. I was also amazed at how much I’ve learned during this short period of time. Not just about communicating more effectively with others, but also about myself. I just love the positive impact that Facilitation has had on my self-confidence and on my perceptions of other people.

I always had a very different picture in mind when I thought of FACILITATION. And no, it wasn’t a very exciting one…..I always saw it as someone standing in front and blabbing on, while everyone else struggled to stay awake and pretend to listen. Thanks to this course, I now understand what FACILITATION entails. It’s about engagement and effective communication…it guides, it leads, it coaches. It’s about making use of different tools and techniques to achieve a desired outcome.
The best thing about the tools and techniques provided within this course is that that it’s practical. It’s easy to put into practice in your everyday life, with colleagues, friends and family.

I’ve been making use of the Delta Plus technique in lots of my communication and feedback sessions and I’ve found that people respond better to me. I love how this technique reinforces positivity.

As a bit of a scatter-brain, being mindful and present in the moment doesn’t come very easy for me….My mind usually runs all over the place, with random thoughts and to do lists, among other things. I have however been working on being present in the moment, with both mind and body…and amazingly I’m noticing so much more, hearing so much more, communicating so much better… fact, I now even remember where I put my car keys…lol

I’m excited to see where this course takes us from here…..I love the journey so far. I love how it challenges and grows you as a person. I love how it allows for learning from each other through personal interactions and also how it takes you from your comfort zone and makes you face some very real fears.


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