Problem Solving

When faced with a conflict situation, the approach is so important.   A very uncomfortable situation arose this week in my personal life.  What is this to do with facilitation skills?  Well,  after re-evaluating the situation I had to deal with I realised something – this facilitation skills course has changed my approach toward resolving conflict.

After reading module four I realised that regardsless of your positive intentions, it is difficult to predict the behaviour of other humans . Even though in my attempt of resolving the conflict, the resistance I was met with made it extremely difficult to achieve any progress.  However, what I have discovered of myself is that I have become the positive contribute to the situation and not the one aggravating  the situation, like I use to do.  For some reason I have changed, discovered  away of facilitating.  Although I might not have been able to resolve,  I accepted the defeat, but I was still positive.  I brought in another person to assist in the matter, as in the case study, where Anita Jenkins explains to David the inside information of the executive team.

I feel proud to have used the information I have learned throughout the course thus far and proud that I have managed to use these tools in reality.

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