Looking at the bigger picture

Sometimes in life people draw conclusion based on the situation  that  they are currently facing but not  realizing that this could be the beginning of great things. It is very significant to have a plan to reach your main goal, and have time frames. The presentation by group 4 made me realize that sometimes in life I limit myself because of not knowing the abilities I have.

I’m trying to imagine when the architects and engineers were busy laying down the foundation of Carlton Center, did everyone foresee how big the structure would be and it would be the biggest building in Africa. It began on someone’s mind, he or she had the picture in mind, saw it complete before any of us could see it. The same applies in life, people need to have visions and if they don’t implement the actions that will make it happen nothing will happen.

I liked the way how group 4 implemented the SCARF model in their presentation and the activities they demonstrated, it proved that they understood the concept and did research about the topic.  I left today’s class with one thing in mind, looking at the bigger picture

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