Getting to know me better

The lesson on 12th August 2017 was more than interesting and proved to be useful in my everyday life.
Growing up and in most of my adult life, I’ve had people tell me how complicated I am and how difficult it is to exceed my expectations. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I finally understand why and its all thanks to the Reflective exercise we did on thinking style profiles. So, it turns out, I am complicated! I am so complicated that I confuse myself too.

So, it has basically come to my attention that I am a left brain. It could be the reason why I tend to overthink everything. Why I sometimes over plan for daily activities like what I am going to do when I get up on a weekend or even during working hours. The next time someone says I am complicated, I am just going to tell them that my scores were as follows;
Information Sorting – Detail
Motivation Preferences – External
Sensory Preferences – Kinesthetic
Learning Styles – Theorist

I am glad I enrolled for the facilitation skills module because I am getting to know me better each day.

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