They can be a source of light for some but a complete source of destruction for others – imagine sitting in a room full of windows on a winters day, with the sun shining in and warming you up – that would be wonderful, now imagine the sun in all its glory shining in on that exact same room on a hot summers day, would you enjoy it just as much? ¬†I didn’t think so – The Johari Window, made me look at my home as my myself, I have huge windows that I haven’t covered with curtains, that allows me to see out and others to see the beauty within, and then I have curtains on some the windows that I do not want the ¬†contents of those rooms to be exposed to others, only I need to know whats in there, and there are aspects of my home like the plumbing and electricity that others know about that i have no idea and then there things that neither the builder or myself would know, like would this house be able to withstand a natural disaster.

This got me thinking, would it be so bad to let others see the rooms with the curtains on, would i be ashamed to let them in, or would i be able to handle the critics or the compliments – would it not be educational for me to learn about the plumbing and electricity, so in a case of emergency, I will know how to handle the situation and not find myself in a state of panic, and should a natural disaster occur i would like to have strong foundations.

The lesson learnt today, is that the more people you let in and build relationships with, the curtains that were meant to block out will now only be there to add beauty.



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