When my Aha was in the Case Study, I identified so much with the Executive Team. The same thing was happening at my recent employer where I ended up leaving just a few months ago.

Listening to a new “Leader” go on and on about themselves; where they have been, what they have seen others do and the things that they want to change without having one on one meetings with everyone to try and understand what their day to day operations are, can cause one to switch off and give only that which is asked of them and not go the extra mile.

We normally make situations be about ourselves in desperation to want to prove to the world that we know what we are doing, forgetting that we need others to perform to our fullest.  We do not check how what we say can impact those around us. We get so consumed in being the bosses of our territories.

Resistance comes in different forms and that can frustrate us since we mostly don’t stop and think about hearing views from other people. We believe that everything we say or do is right, even though other people may not agree with us or make us aware of it, especially our blind spots.

Group 3’s HONOURING DIFFERENCE, was silent and very short but to many, it was straight to the point. To be honest, I was a bit confused in the beginning as the group didn’t say a word but just acted. At the end though, during feedback I really got to understand what message they were sending.

Sitting in groups discussing different rituals at various stages of our lives, I got to learn a lot about other cultures and religions. Traditionalist as I am, I realised that I didn’t know enough about what is out there and how some cultures/religions were similar to mine, some people also didn’t know about my culture and still proudly frowned upon it during the discussions. Before reacting, I quickly remembered that a facilitator doesn’t put emotions to issues and instead apply an open mind and understand that people see things differently and educates when necessary.

I appreciated the facilitation more during feedback and I realised that as different as we are, we shouldn’t look down upon each other and that we need to embrace each other’s differences and most importantly respect them.

I learnt that we might all be coming from diverse cultural backgrounds or religions, but we are all drawn to the same force. We have different names for who we worship but we are all from the same universe and we have the same creator. Our differences are what makes this world and interesting place with endless learning.

HONOURING DIFFERENCE; An activity that will make an action or a process easy or easier. From today, I am going to try every single day to honour and respect difference in all areas of my life starting with You.


Group 4, I am ready for you, bring in on and let’s listen and watch you TELL YOUR STORIES.

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