Time to reflect

When I started this journey two and half years ago, it was scary and very uncertain. Procrastination has been my weakness for the better part of my adult life. Though it has delayed a lot of my decision making as far as my career progression, I am glad that I find myself where I am in today, I can make better decisions.

A lesson from this past weekend’s class, 2 minutes after a scheduled time is late. We are so accustomed to our African time which allows us to get away with not respecting other peoples’ time. I was 2 minutes late for the start of the group performance on Saturday, as a result, I found myself struggling to catch up with the events of the day. A lesson learned!

Then I got time to reflect. I didn’t know I could write an academic essay to a friend. It has always been my challenge to ‘write creatively’ . I remembered an incident when I asked my 10 year old son at the time what he had done at school that day and he said, we did creative writing in our English lesson. As I didn’t want to come across as an ignorant parent to him, I had to find a way to phrase my question to him so he can tell me what kind of writing this creative writing is. “What did you write in your piece?” I asked. I couldn’t have asked for a better response, he related how he talked about his 2 dogs at home that he loves dearly but despises when he has to pick up after their brown mess. Right there I got my answer, be creative in your storytelling.

Writing a reflective essay felt like creative writing to me. The difference was mine needed to have a combination of facts, lesson learned and experiences.

I find myself falling in love with this facilitation thing every week because of the person it is turning me out to be, coming out of my hard shell. I took up a challenge at work this week which I would not have ordinarily accepted had I not known what I know now

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