There is no need for BRAIN stress, yeah right…….

So I tell myself

Shoo! Each week the groups are getting better and better at facilitating their topics, a lot of pressure some of us may think and feel for the upcoming weeks.

The Johari window is very interesting, I discovered what is required for building effective relationships. It will not happen over night but it will definitely happen because this session transformed our thinking and our perceptions about people and a lot of things we were not aware of.

Going through the change process. Starting my journey as a reborn student is tough but also exciting. When I did my self-examination, it left me disheartened because I have to let go of my family visits weekends, stop watching my soapies so often as I used to (I am a television freak):-(

I have placed a self-expectation on myself, I need to get more knowledgeable to be able to reach my goals and cutting my time short with family & the television will hopefully get me there.

I have decided that this is what I need to do to exceed and excell so I am self-directing my life. I am still working on broadening my perceptions as I am not an out going person and only visits family on weekends or they visit us. At work I am also a loner.

My self realization came when I started attending my two classes, one on a Tuesday evening and the other on Saturday mornings. Answer to myself, “you got this, you can do this”

We go through “triple loop learning” where I am slowly but surely discovering myself.


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