In this week’s workshop, I learnt how imperfectly perfect left and right brainers can work together in their differences.

The activities during class where according to the test results, we were grouped, were amazing. Learning that accepting and embracing your “YOU-NESS” is okay. For years I was told through various stages of my life that I was a left brainer and I was in denial, especially since the people who told me that about me, made it sound like I was stuck up.

When we were to name things that we hated about the right brainers, I suddenly realised that I am not the only “stuck up” person and I am not weird. I also got to understand the right brainers, whom at some point, irritated me as they came across as irresponsible and didn’t apply their minds into doing things.

There was a category of the tests where my Thinking Style was unpacked and there’s a lot of truth there.  During the activities, I also learnt that learning and appreciating others’ thinking styles, helps with knowing the right approach when dealing with them so that you can achieve the desired outcome of your engagement.

I am a Left Brain dominant individual who applies a detailed information sorting style. My motivational style is mostly external and I am both visual and kinaesthetic in sensory preference. My learning and communication style is an Initiator. My friend, Refilwe, is a Right Brain, Bigger Picture, Internal, Visual and an Operator.

What’s my point? My point is that Refilwe and I are so different and after the activities, we both understood what being on the other side of the fence meant and how to deal with our differences towards working together without too many hurdles.

Group 2’s facilitation piece, FACILITATING CHANGE was just too close to home. Change does change who we are, it’s up to us whether the route we take is positive or negative. I loved how the audience flowed with the group during their facilitation, myself included. I am not one to talk during people, but that day, I spoke and was audible enough and my story touched a few people. I think that because their message related to everyday life, it made it easy for me to choose to be present in that facilitation, I paid attention, I told the truth without fear of being judged.

The more I learn stuff in these workshops, the more I look forward to the next workshop. I cannot wait for Group 3: HONOURING DIFFERENCE and how it will be executed next week.

P.S. Remember, when change happens, trust can be broken.  Am I handling change in a way that can change my life and those around me to be better? Are you?

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