Knowing me and knowing you…

Week 3 of facilitation skills started on a high note as expected. Group 2 tackled the topic of change with earnestness and authenticity. It was note worthy to discover that the theme of change and its universality touched and affected the majority of class, yet the depth and dimensions of each individual’s story was distinct and sacred. Some deeply touching stories were shared as the group was reflecting on the content that was disseminated and the methods used by group 2 to facilitate change dialogues. Pity the presentation went so quickly. 🙂

Discovering the virtues and bedevilments of being right brain dominant nearly sent me into a mild depressive state. I was deeply struck by how emotional and internally focused I am. Does this mean I am a ranting raving emotional being? Is that made worse by the fact that I am a woman? What does this say about my prospects as a leader? Can I remain rational and impartial? Do my emotions drive my agenda and motivation? So much to learn…so much to consider. The road ahead is rosy yet I cannot take my foot off the pedals of personal mastery. The employment and empowerment of my right brain capacity needs to maintain top of mind for me. A skillful facilitator remains impartial and rational at all times.

I have been experimenting with the new knowledge I discovered in respect of the way I solve problems and learn. Sitting at a desk or in a library does not enhance my ability to learn, I need to keep moving baby!

Moments of delta reflection always impact supremely on my moments of personal reflection. The process of positive or constructive criticism is managed carefully and with utmost delicacy by Rosslyn. A good leader makes an effort to articulate moments of delta (difference/improvement) with care and kindness. A good leader builds and cultivates the best in others.

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