Honouring diversity

Well done to group 3, they carried a powerful message without speaking,  there was power in the silence. Great respect was displayed when the different religions were displayed by folding the previous religion’s attire neatly and placing it in the box, that was a great metaphors. We were divided in groups and we discussed the diversity in cultures and religions with regards to birth, death, marriage which was interesting and insightful.

In class we uncovered the Johari Window. This is relevant in the work place,  as I can identify the transparent area, people know the basics of one another. The blind spot area is where all the office gossip transpires from, it is information known (whether factual or not) by others but not the person. The hidden area we all possess, it is known by self but unknown by others.  Furthermore I can relate to the SCARF Model as well in my personal and my professional life, at times it is good to feel that I am important, I love the certainty I don’t want to feel as if I don’t know what is going on, I love the sense of control and to be given authority to make my own decisions. I love the sense of belonging and to be treated fairly.

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