For the love of Brain

“Mastering other is strength; mastering yourself is true power”

I open the page and there it is – an assessment on your brain dominance and learning preferences.  I am in love I think to myself, with a little grin.  Let’s do this.  Results are in… contradiction at a major level.  What is this?  I re-evaluate.  Yip, definitely correct… well this is interesting.

Anxious to know what my results mean, the group presentation is about to begin.  The thought of what topic is up for discussion didn’t even cross my mind.  Change, change and some more change… What an interesting presentation, I enjoyed it so much and all of the sudden they were finished.  But I wanted more!  More information.

After the break we have to divide into to groups, those with left brain dominance to the left and those with right brain dominance to the right.  Well… this is awkward. I am smack bang in the middle. Roslyn explains to myself and Claudia that this is how it is meant to be.  We should use both parts instead of allowing the one to be too dominant.  Victory dance!

I learnt a great deal about myself Saturday and through doing the assessment.  Paying more attention to people and there ways can truly tell you a lot about them and how to approach them.  This will allow for excellent communication in all aspects of your life.


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