Different  flowers make a beautiful bouquet!

Different flowers make a beautiful bouquet!

Now that was my Saturday morning well spent, I thought to myself as I zoned out from the blaring music in the car on my way home – to reflect on the experience and lesson for the day.

Apart from the really cool facilitation that the ladies had put together, I was so inspired and taken with some of the personal experiences that people shared regarding embracing change. It was so real, so raw –and a lot of times, we tend to think that we’re the only ones feeling a certain way….that no one else understands.

I found their honesty refreshing! It really is amazing how we can find inspiration, strength and courage in the most unexpected places if we just open ourselves up to it.

Ah, then came the second session – which was undoubtedly the highlight for me! (Even though I felt like a bad apple for not having completed my reflection exercise beforehand – Sorry Ros! So much for being a “left-brainer”).

I found myself completely intrigued by Thinking Style Preferences and must admit that I even learned a thing or two about myself. Also about how other people think, learn and communicate….I’m throwing myself wholeheartedly in this one, cos although it may be difficult to adapt at first – I’m a firm believer in “Practice makes perfect”. I just love how useful it is in all arrears of one’s life, home, work and play – so much so that I couldn’t wait to share it with my family! (Needless to say, the “right-brainers” couldn’t wait for me to get to the point lol)

It is said that our similarities bring us to common ground, while our differences allow us to be fascinated by each other. I completely agree! Challenging as it may be, let’s see our differences as strengths and capitalize on them. After all, a bouquet is made from a variety of flowers… some thorny, others prickly….but beautiful non-the-less.

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