At long last……Facilitation skills in 3!!!!!….

Oh oh facilitation skills what is it though? I read the cover page of the Course pack and it interests me to know that it can be related to my everyday life a work and also on a social meetings. But dah!!! There is more to it than what I preferred of it in the first place…the idea was to score point lol. Facilitation is not just standing in front of people with a paper or laptop or projector and start telling people of what you have experts on…..
First day in class all seems to be confusing but there comes the most amazing scenario a course with three lectures, how cool is that? Oh i thought they were also students but their knowledge was beyond my expectations about the course but only to learn later that they are on the lecture panel. Then i went home wondering if i was at the right class or not.
Week two come and pass because i couldn’t attend the class due to family commitment but my mind never stopped from asking what a facilitation skill up until week three started is.
There we are in week three and they speaking about change and people became emotional about the subject but at least am catching up to understand my first day question about the course I took myself in to. I am an introvert and am wondering still that how will it be of help from this course if am with people who can speak and laugh without thinking much. As I am still wondering about that. Ros asked which type of brainer are we? There i am left brainer haha haha and it is said you are a logical thinker and too conscious to say…………….
That got me thinking again about my partner. Oh thanks God now i know myself so i might have to be careful when am dealing with other people for there might be left or right brainers.
Oh my word this class is so interesting i can’t wait for the upcoming Saturday there is so much to learn here……… now my day one question is finding its answers day by day. They said if you are confused in your studies then you are learning surely and surely I am that leaving testimony………

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