I don’t know how to express my self as English is not my mother tongue, but what I saw this past Saturday was soooo amazing. One can do and say much without saying a word. what Team 3  has done surely made an impact in everyone’s heart and thought. The teams presentation made me think a little deeper and came with the conclusion that I am fortunate to be part of South Africa and the Facilitation Skill class … well done to Team 3

I have learned another Facilitation tool Case Study. This case study also opened my eyes as I always turn to turn a blind eye when it comes to what’s happening in my work and personal environment with the three types of Arenas.

We where grouped in 6 and we had to facilitate each about our Ritual’s when it comes to Birth, Initiation, Marriage and Death.

From the group of 6 we had to be with different 3 people forming another group, where we were facilitating what we have learned from the previous group of 6, but what was sooooo interesting is we all come from different race and cultures but we somehow do the same rituals, what an eye opener……….

The SCARF MODEL –  every human being has a need of the scarf model. Lastly but not least The Resistance Barometer is also interesting. know I know how to read peoples minds or thought, thanks to the resistance Barometer

I REALLY ENJOY MY SATURDAY CLASSES…..Looking forward to the next class.


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