Reflection about the rituals done in our societies allowed me to realise that, as different as we are in terms of our background, colour of our skin, ethnicity, race, etc, we share so many similarities. I felt like there was a live connection between myself and other group members as we continued relating our different experiences. This increased more knowledge about other cultures and how they do things within in their circles as well as the connection between my culture and theirs. I observed that during group discussions, facilitators played a neutral role but they did encourage meaningful discussion. Also, no facilitator tried to push his or her own agenda. Reflecting on the story of the new CEO, one thing coming to mind is that, there is a possibility to achieve more in the workplace if leaders can adopt facilitation skills. I learned that, in actual fact, leadership is something you do to a group while facilitation is something you do with a group. Leaders are very aware of their power within the group and maintain an authoritative stance as opposed to facilitators who act more as a neutral party. Hence, David was easily misled by his executives. In essence, according to me, facilitation doesn’t only work in a specific set up for instance classrooms, but it can help leaders to learn more about people they are leading subsequently achieve great results

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