Yesterday, I attended my first class after an absence of almost 15 years! Can you believe time goes that quick… well I was not sure what to expect other than the fact that I had butterflies in my tummy the morning I drove into wits, the long parking queues to get in did not help much either.
After eventually finding my way into class which I was a little late for I settled in pretty well I though until our lecturer Ros decided it was time to move the furniture around and do a walking introduction, oh no I thought here goes all the structure and routine I who is governed by it, more butterflies.
Overall I must admit as daunting as the idea was the entire class gelled pretty well and it was pleasant to get out of my comfort zone and meet fellow students, who to my surprise where just as anxious as myself.
After the walkabout we got to sit in a circle which was very unconventional and not at all what I expected from a first lecture, it did however break the ice and set the tone for the rest of the morning. The main point that stood out for me was the phase “check in” which for me meant the following – out with the old, tradition, whatever you had expected, leave your old self behind and in with new, bold, different, unconventional.
I think by continuing and engaging in this course my skills as a person will definitely improve, in just one morning I have learnt so much more about myself and observed the way we all interact and communicate with each other and that alone gives me great hope and strength to continue experimenting in this new term “facilitation skills”…
I definitely have a lot of thoughts to sift through for the next week and I can confidently say I am up for the challenge that lies ahead! On that positive note cheers for now, until next time….. ZJ

Facilitation Skills

So today was the first class for facilitation skills. From the get go it was obvious to me that this is a course unlike any other I’ve had in all my years of study. It Appears to be a bit of a more social kind of vibe. But it’s not out of control or chaos . I am both exited and nervous to see how the rest of the year will progress, and how many new people I will meet.

Until next week,