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Welcome to our Class of 2018 Blog.    As you begin blogging, you will discover that this is yet another opportunity for you to prove to yourself  that you are masterful at many things.

These instructions are in 2 parts so remember to scroll down for tips on writing your blog.

Part 1  Instructions for registering as a blogger.
The first step is to sign in by clicking on the “Register” Tab toward the bottom of the ribbon on the left

ArrowThe fourth tab from the bottom in the black column to your left 

You will then see a screen as follows:


Create a user name (Please use your own name as your user name) and click on ‘register’ in the blue box

Check your email, copy the password and click on the link.  It will take you back to the page (as above).

Fill in your details (paste the password from your email) and click on log in

At the top of the form, click on Take me to my profile page and fill in your details.  (Please use your first name in the nick name block and add your photo)

Reg 2

Update your password

If you have trouble, try talking to a class mate, or send us an email at facilitationcourse@gmail.com

OK, now you are in!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done
So how do you Blog????????? ……  Some Tips

Go to the ‘Posts’ button on the ribbon on the left.  Click ‘add new’ and your blog page opens

Reg 3

  1. Enter the title of your Blog
  2. Scroll down to the categories box on the right hand side and choose the tab with the module and title Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 1.06.52 PM
  3. Write your blog in the content box
  4. When you are finished, you will see a number of instructions on the right hand side ribbon.  You can edit, save the draft or publish.  When you publish, your blog will be available for all to see.  Remember that you can edit it even after it is published.

Finding your focus

Ask yourself ….

“Who are your target readers?”
They are your fellow students and myself – your lecturer

“What do they want to read about”
Your experience of the day’s workshop.
What you learned
How you experimented with what you learned
What you learned from your experiment

“How long should my blog be”
Any number of words as long as it is meaningful and reflects your experience and your learning

Should this be academic writing?
No – your blog should reflect your voice, so you need to write to us in the way you would talk to us. What will set your apart is your voice in writing.

Have fun blogging and enjoy your next step to Personal Mastery